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a lot of meat | GWEN/MORGANA

check | ROMAN + FAMILY

enchanted | MERLIN/ARTHUR

exhibition | DENIZ/ROMAN


heaven's gates | ARTHUR/MERLIN


pair spin | DENIZ/ROMAN

soldatova rule | DENIZ/ROMAN

twelve days of christmas | ARTHUR/MERLIN

'umble uther | ARTHUR/MERLIN

why merlin should never be left alone with arthur's knights whilst drunk and dressed as a woman | MERLIN/VARIOUS

winter boots | ARTHUR/MERLIN


a fiver | ANNETTE

a majestic example of the glorious beauty of nature | ARTHUR/MERLIN/UNICORN

boarding | DENIZ/ROMAN

bounce | NONE


crash | ROMAN/AXEL

cpr | BEN/TOBY

dance | DENIZ/OFC

daylight | MALTE/GEORG

deflowered | BRIAN/STEFAN

double o seven | MERLIN/ARTHUR

forget it | MERLIN/ARTHUR

haemoglobin is the key | BRIAN/STEFAN

half | DENIZ/TIM

jamaican | MERLIN/ARTHUR

jump | NONE

lliwiau'r enfys: coch | EMYR/PETER

lovely loveliness | MERLIN/ARTHUR

naïve little neckerchief | MERLIN/ARTHUR

oedran yr addewid | GAIUS/UTHER

om nom nom | NONE

oranges and lemons | MERLIN/ARTHUR

paris in the spring | MERLIN/ARTHUR

pillow talk: the conversations that occur in the interlude between shagging and er, well, more shagging | MERLIN/ARTHUR

preference | DENIZ/RENATE

roman's spectacular checklist for finding his one true love | ROMAN/VARIOUS



suitable for all hair types (and labradors) | MAXIMILIAN/ROMAN

sunburn | TOBI/LEO

the king and all of his men | GAIUS/UTHER


too much | JENNY

unclean, a libertine | BRIAN/FORREST



you can stir my cauldron baby (a.k.a the real reason magic is banned in camelot) | UTHER/GAIUS

you (don't) care about us | STEFAN/FORREST


a secret never to be told | EMYR/PETER/JAMIE

absolute electricity | VANESSA/NINA(/JULI)

crimson | UTHER/GAIUS

dance in dark suspension | FREYA/MERLIN

dear diary | RICHARD/ROMAN

downing street approved | ARTHUR/MERLIN

effectively ruined | MARC/ROMAN

favourite page | JENNY/ROMAN

five things arthur's never done | ARTHUR/MERLIN

five things florian wild wanted to be before he decided to be an ice-hockey player | FLORIAN

five ways maximilian's not as intimidatingly gangster fuck your shit up as he looks | MAXIMILIAN

gerīm, or four times myror couldn't understand the old tongue (and the one time he wished he couldn't) | MYROR/OMC

handwriting | ARTHUR

i know i'm not a hopeless case | UTHER/YGRAINE

i'm lost without you | HUNITH/BALINOR

if my methods seem queer | UTHER/GAIUS

kinda okay at it sometimes | DAVID/STEFAN


no concept of afterglow | RICHARD/ROMAN

queen of hearts (she made some tarts) | GWEN/VARIOUS

she doesn't mind | JENNY/ROMAN

vamos la furia roja | ARTHUR/MERLIN

when we collide | FLEUR/BILL

you wanted kissing in the rain | NINA/VANESSA


coffi, smôcs a fodca rhad | EMYR/PETER/GARETH
the "deniz ozturk (zupermodel extraordinaire!) has a love interest" game! | DENIZ